How to Use Self Storage When Downsizing

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There is a growing trend for families to move into smaller homes to reduce costs. Retirees often consider downsizing when a large family home is no longer needed. In situations like these, you’ll need to plan how best to get rid of excess belongings. It might surprise you that self storage can be a great help. We’re not talking about stuffing all the excess into a storage space and forgetting about it. Instead, consider using self storage to help you get organized.

How to Use Self Storage When Downsizing

One way to use self storage when downsizing is to move everything you plan to keep into a storage space so you can have a moving sale at your home where you can advertise that all items are being sold. Instead of needing to drag your sale items out to the driveway or garage, you can leave them in place in the house and let buyers wander through to see items in their natural state.

Another way to use self storage is to place sellable items into storage and then meet buyers there who respond to your advertisement. This is a good way to sell items without having people know where you live. You can also use self storage just to store seasonal items that you will need throughout the year but don’t want to take up space in your cozy new home.

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