Things to Know About Storage Buildings

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Whether you need temporary or permanent storage solutions, it is important to consider certain factors when researching storage buildings in your area. Here are a few things you should know that can improve the outcome of your search and experience:

  • Storage space size- It is annoying to find you have run out of space and must face either obtaining a second storage space or upgrading to a larger one and moving everything. It is also frustrating to go large and end up filing only part of it, so you’re paying for space you don’t need. Working with storage buildings that have flexibility and will guide you will go a long way to avoiding either of these problems.

Things to Know About Storage Buildings

  • Storage environment- Storage spaces are not designed to store absolutely anything you want to throw in there. For one thing, you’ll be restricted from storing hazardous materials and certain other items. You should also consider if there are any temperature or humidity controls with the storage buildings, as some of your items could suffer damage from being in the wrong environment.
  • Accessibility- Consider how often you would need to access your storage space and when to be sure they allow access when you need it. Also, consider the location of the storage buildings, as you’d want one close by if you plan to visit it often.
  • Security- Be sure the storage buildings you choose provide secure storage. You should also either obtain specific insurance for your belongings or find out if your current policy covers belongings stored somewhere besides your home.

If you would like to learn about the storage buildings and storage services we offer at Ashe Van Lines Moving & Storage, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our storage services are ideal when moving, but we also offer self-storage options for our residential and commercial customers in the Hickory, North Carolina area.