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If you’re planning a move and have hired moving contractors to help with moving day, you may be wondering how to best prepare. If you’re not sure of a few of the last-minute details for your moving day, you might want to ask your moving contractor these three questions:

  • Should I Pack Anything Ahead of Time? Knowing what to pack ahead of your actual moving day can be a huge help for your moving contractor and for you! They’ll be able to give you a list of the things that will be most helpful to pack before their scheduled arrival. Most of these items will be obvious, like your personal items or things you need to carry in your own vehicle. However, there may also be a few other things like family heirlooms or breakables that you’ll want to discuss with them prior to moving day.

Three Questions to Ask Your Moving Contractor

  • Do I Need to Provide Instructions? It’s always helpful if your moving contractor knows what to expect from your move. For example, they might like to know if you have a color-code system for each room in your house. This will ensure that they know specifically how to pack to make your life easier! You’ll also likely want to provide instructions for anything of particular value or that requires special care during transport.
  • When Should I Use Self Storage? One thing that is difficult for many people is knowing when using self-storage would actually alleviate moving stressors. For example, do you have items that you don’t need to move right away? Maybe self storage would be the better option. Are you planning a long-distance move and want to view your new space before transporting all of your belongings? Self-storage might be a good solution. Talking with your moving contractor about self-storage can help give you confidence prior to and on moving day.

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