Tips for Keeping Belongings in Storage

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Utilizing a storage space can have tremendous benefits and be a great solution for temporary or long-term needs. You can have an even better experience with a few tips from a professional moving and storage services provider. Here are some things to think about when keeping belongings in storage:

Labeling- Be sure to label each box. How you go about that depends on your situation. For example, if you’ll be having everything brought to your new location at once, labeling with just the room it should go to may be enough. If you want to be able to find certain things or unpack in an organized manner, include a few notes about what is in each box.

Tips for Keeping Belongings in Storage

Keep a record- Create a record of what you will put into storage. Numbering your boxes and making a list of the numbers and contents of each on a spreadsheet on your computer or handwritten in a notebook will help you remember what you have in storage.

Storage organization- When using self-storage, consider grouping things together, such as putting all kitchen boxes together and so forth. If you’ll be picking up your belongings yourself, you can grab all for one room at a time to make moving in easier.

Stack properly- When stacking boxes in storage, be sure to put heavy boxes on the bottom. It is also important to put boxes of the same size in a stack so that they don’t topple. Put fragile items on the top to avoid crushing. Going with professional moving boxes will make it easier to utilize the space efficiently.

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