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While getting a new job or moving to a bigger house to fit a growing family can be an exciting time, the actual moving process can be one giant headache, especially if you try and do it yourself. When it comes to moving services, there are many different ways you can choose to pack and move your belongings. You can rent and drive your own truck, pack up and load a truck for someone else to drive, have someone load and drive, and then there’s the white glove moving service — where everything from packing to materials to unloading is taken care of for you! If that doesn’t sound appealing, here are some other reasons why you should skip this type of service.

Reasons You Should Skip White Glove Moving Services

  • You hate saving time. The process of moving takes a lot of time! Depending on the amount of rooms you need to pack, you can be looking at packing yourself up for hours each day after work. If you’d rather use your time before the move to pack, then white glove moving might not be for you.
  • You enjoy lifting heavy and awkward things. After you have put everything in boxes, it’s time to use your remaining energy to move large pieces of furniture! Even with assistance, moving furniture is heavy, awkward, and can be unsafe if you don’t follow proper lifting precautions.
  • Assembling IKEA furniture is your idea of fun. White glove services take care of disassembling items like couches and beds, will wrap and pack them, and reassemble them in your desired location. However, if you would rather put your bed together instead of sleep in it after a move, white glove moving isn’t for you!

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