What is White Glove Moving?

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We at Ashe Van Lines Moving & Storage have been working in the moving industry for many years, and we understand that the moving process is often stressful. In our experience, one of the things people worry about the most when it comes to moving is whether their belongings—particularly their valuables–will arrive safely.

What is White Glove Moving?

If you have antique furniture, fine art, or other precious belongings you want to keep safe, we encourage you to consider using our white glove moving services. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of white glove moving and what sets it apart from standard moving services.

The term “white glove service” comes from the white gloves worn by English butlers, and it is meant to evoke the qualities of personalization, attention to detail, and respect. Our white glove moving services offer the same level of care and attention, and we will make sure all your belongings arrive at your destination safely and in great condition.

The first step in our white glove moving process is packing. Our experts will carefully pack each item, using plenty of cushioning and sturdy containers to minimize jostling during transit. We will also carefully secure each item inside the truck to further prevent movement during the trip.

In standard moving services, the goal is often to get the move done as quickly as possible, but our white glove moving experts will take out time to ensure everything is prepared properly before we set out. Once we arrive at your new residence, we’ll unpack everything for you and set it up exactly how you want it.