What is White Glove Moving Service?

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White gloves are often associated with luxury, and white glove moving services ensure that your belongings are treated with the added care and attention they deserve. We offer this option, and while our team members move quickly and efficiently, we understand the importance of handling your things carefully and preparing them to be relocated. And once the truck arrives at your new locale, we’ll stay until the work is completed according to your specifications.

What is White Glove Moving Service?

Why Use White Glove Moving?

This kind of attentive service makes moving hassle-free and decreases the amount of work you have to complete. This is especially important if you don’t have the time or energy to safely pack up your belongings and are worried about damage. White glove moving also gives you more time for other things, like setting up home repairs and ordering new curtains.

Packing Fragile Items

We know how fragile things like antiques and electronics are, so we employ the safest packing and shipping practices to protect your valued items. People who choose to pack and transport these on their own may be putting their items at risk.

Setting Up Your New Place

During our consultations, you can let us know which rooms your furniture and other belongings will go in. Our white glove moving service involves reassembling your furniture, placing it where directed, and moving it to another room if you’re not satisfied. We can also help you unpack your belongings and put them away.

Relocation can be challenging, but our white glove moving services can set your mind at ease. Call us for a free estimate today.