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When you’re planning to move fragile items during an upcoming moving day, you may be wondering how to best manage your packing, so these items don’t end up as moving casualties. Fortunately, there are a few solutions that can make fragile packing much more efficient, and therefore keep your items more secure during their move.

Six Fragile Packing Solutions

  1. Don’t Rush – Fragile packing should be handled with time and attention. By taking time to plan ahead for these items and begin packing them earlier than your other items, you are less likely to worry over their security on moving day.
  2. Get Plenty of Padding– Having the right materials to soften items during fragile packing can make all the difference! You’ll want to wrap the items in bubble wrap and fill the box with paper around the item for added protection. Make sure to get enough of these materials to pack all of your fragile items successfully.
  3. Labels – Labeling your fragile items is a must! When you have labeled your boxes during fragile packing, you (and your movers) will know which boxes must be transported with particular care. You might want to color-code your fragile packing items, so they are easily identified among your other boxes.
  4. Rigid Boxes – Another important choice for fragile packing is choosing rigid boxes that will handle a few bumps in the road. Fragile packing with bags or flimsy boxes could leave your precious items vulnerable to damage.
  5. Right Size Storage – Did you know the size of the box matters? When planning for fragile packing, make sure to choose a box that is a little bit bigger than the item so there is plenty of room for it to rest inside. Then fill the empty area around it for extra security. This ensures that your fragile items will be safe during the move.
  6. Plan for Moisture – No matter how well you plan, we simply can’t rely on the weather to be perfect. If your fragile item would be susceptible to moisture, make sure to plan accordingly by wrapping its storage box in the appropriate plastic or protective barrier.

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