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We are equipped to handle your commercial moving project in a professional and timely manner.

Commercial moving can often be far more challenging than a residential move. For one thing, you may have very expensive furniture and equipment that you wouldn’t want to put into the hands of someone who isn’t experienced, licensed, or insured. At Ashe Van Lines Moving & Storage, we have the years of experience to handle all the items you need moved, including a full inventory of supplies and products, heavy equipment and machinery, and furniture that needs to be disassembled, wrapped, and then reassembled at the new location.

Commercial Moving in Burke County, North Carolina

It may be tempting to utilize your staff, but they are a poor substitute for a professional commercial moving company – and they won’t be too happy to be given this task either!

Rather than take the chance of an accident taking out a key employee, put your moving project in our hands instead. We can also assist you with storage space, if needed, to make your move go more smoothly. If you have some items you aren’t sure where they’ll go in the new place, we can store them until you are ready for them or have made arrangements to sell or otherwise dispose of them.

We are proud to be a preferred commercial moving company serving the Burke County, North Carolina area’s businesses. Whether you need office moving, retail location moving, or something else, you can be confident that we will provide you with exceptional service and treat you and your assets with the utmost respect. We have a keen understanding of the need to handle your commercial moving project in a professional and timely manner, so you can be up and running again as promptly as possible.

At Ashe Van Lines Moving & Storage, we offer commercial moving services in Hickory, Gastonia, Mooresville, Huntersville, Denver, Morganton, Asheville, Concord, BooneLincolnton, Burke County, Caldwell County, Catawba County, Gaston County, and Lincoln County, North Carolina.


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