Rest Home Moving: A Packing List for Your Cherished Valuables

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As you grow older, the possessions you’ve accumulated over a lifetime become even more cherished. Therefore, it can be quite challenging to transition to a rest home, particularly when you’re not surrounded by the things you’ve grown accustomed to. You’ll have to part with some belongings, but others are too dear to leave behind.

Rest Home Moving: A Packing List for Your Cherished Valuables

So, when prepping for the rest home moving process, be sure to include a few keepsakes that have given your life meaning:

  • Family Photos. Those treasured family photos in their enduring albums and priceless silver frames summon many memories. Each image tells a story, from weddings to births to graduations, capturing the loved ones you hold dear. 
  • Your Favorite Music Records. The scratchy sound of needle on vinyl as your favorite records play tunes from your youth can instantly lift your spirits. Don’t leave these nostalgic albums behind either – they hold the soundtrack of your life. 
  • Your Favorite Furniture. Pieces of furniture, like a rocking chair from the nursery or an antique table passed down through generations, have meaning that can’t be replaced. Bring some of them with you if possible. If a cherished piece is too large, consider giving it to your children or grandchildren so they can remain in the family.
  • Personal Achievements. Did you serve our nation valiantly on the frontlines? Or were you a celebrated athlete? Any achievements that made you and others proud should also make the packing list for the rest home moving. Be sure to surround yourself with these reminders of a life well lived.

Although facing change isn’t easy, bringing some of your most precious possessions along can help make your new place feel like home. Our compassionate team at Ashe Van Lines Moving & Storage understands this, and we provide specialized rest home moving services for Hickory, North Carolina residents. Contact us today; we’ll treat your cherished items like they’re our own.