Three Ways Small Businesses Can Utilize Self Storage Spaces

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Storage space always seems a premium for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Whether it’s insufficient storage or limited office/retail space, room availability can be a big obstacle to a rapidly expanding venture.

Three Ways Small Businesses Can Utilize Self Storage Spaces

Self storage spaces offer an adaptable and budget-friendly way to alleviate most of these spatial constraints in several ways, including:

  • Stocking Inventory. For ventures with high sales volumes like e-commerce, keeping enough inventory to meet customer demand is crucial. Self storage facilities provide the space needed to store extra inventory so that online orders can be fulfilled quickly. Furthermore, the storage spaces can be scaled up or down as inventory needs evolve.
  • Storing Extra Equipment. Construction, landscaping, and other small contractor businesses often require large equipment that takes up too much space in the truck. Renting self storage spaces allows contractors to safely and securely store any extra tools, vehicles, and materials without cluttering their office or garage. This also provides easy access when specific equipment is needed for a job.
  • Secure Storage. Self storage facilities are usually equipped with advanced features like climate control, surveillance cameras, coded access, and individual door alarms. Business owners can store important business records, electronics, and other valuable items here. The advantage of this is that they won’t have to worry about damage, theft, or unauthorized access to their sensitive or high-value items, which may not be the case at their premises.

Although you probably can’t operate your business out of a self storage space, you certainly can keep it running smoothly with this option. If you’re a small business owner experiencing storage challenges in Hickory, North Carolina and the surrounding areas, talk to us today regarding our affordable and state-of-the-art self storage solutions.