Why It’s Better to Choose a Full-Service Packing Option

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Even the most organized people can find moving overwhelming. Carefully packing up every room, keeping an inventory, and safely transporting boxes are challenging tasks that often need assistance. While most movers offer partial or full-service packing services, sometimes opting for the latter is more convenient.

Why It’s Better to Choose a Full-Service Packing Option

When you hire a full-service packing team, it greatly reduces the stress of moving. You don’t have to track down all the necessary packing supplies or spend hours packing every little item in your home. The professionals will bring everything they need and carefully wrap and pack all your belongings. Not having to do all this work yourself makes the whole moving process much less stressful.

Full-service packing also ensures your valuables and fragile items are properly packed. Antiques, china, artwork, and delicate electronics require specialized packing techniques to avoid damage. Professional movers are trained to securely pack these items and have proper materials, like bubble wrap and foam peanuts. Don’t risk your precious belongings; let the experts handle it.

You’ll also save loads of moving time when you choose a full-service packing option. Packing an entire house room-by-room alone can take weeks, sometimes even months. On the other hand, movers can usually pack up your whole home in just a day or two. This frees up your time for other move-related tasks like changing utilities, updating records, and settling in your new place. The time savings are reason enough for many people to invest in this packing service.

At Ashe Van Lines Moving & Storage, we are proud to offer full-service packing in addition to our moving and self-storage solutions. If you’re planning to move your home or business and would prefer this service, contact us to request a free estimate.