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Furniture is heavy and cumbersome. It is also can be very expensive. This is why, when you need to move furniture, it can be a really big task. It is hard to maneuver and you need enough people to be able to safely lift it. When furniture is not moved properly, it can become damaged and even get ruined. Knicks and scrapes can ruin wood pieces, and leather and fabric furniture can tear. If you have furniture that needs to be moved, you should consider hiring our professional furniture movers.

you should consider hiring our professional furniture movers

Our furniture movers have moved all kinds of furniture and know the best way to move it. We also have hand trucks, straps, and other equipment that makes moving furniture much easier. We know how to safely get furniture up and down the stairs, and even around tight corners. Our furniture movers also know how to lift heavy furniture without injury. We can safely lift and maneuver furniture to avoid injuries than can be prevented if you use the right technique.

If you need some furniture moved, contact us today at Ashe Van Lines Moving & Storage. Our experienced furniture movers can handle jobs of all sizes. In addition to moving furniture, we can also move large appliances and pianos. We can move your furniture safely and without damage. We also can provide you with storage spaces and packing help if you need help with any other aspect of your move. We offer prices that are affordable and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Let our expert furniture movers do all of your heavy lifting for you!