Important Concerns for Antique Moving

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Treasured antiques have sentimental value, and yours may have been in your family for generations. Unlike other kinds of personal belongings, they are usually irreplaceable and can cause great concern when you need to move them. Antique moving is one of our specialties and something that we take very seriously.

Important Concerns for Antique Moving

Here are some recommendations for preparing your treasured antiques to be transported:

  • Take an inventory: It’s always wise to take a photo inventory of all your belongings before a move, but with antiques, you’ll want to write down as much information as possible and note any damage. For added protection, you can have them appraised.
  • Speak with your mover: When your mover comes by for an estimate, point out the antiques and ask how they will be handled. You’ll want to specify valuable antiques on your moving insurance policy, too.
  • Packing methods: There are a few different methods that movers use for antique moving:
  • Glassine paper– This protects items from grease, water, and air and goes on before cushioning.
  • Corner protectors- These can be used on anything with sharp corners, like desktops, mirrors, and picture frames.
  • Small boxes- These prevent things from moving around and can be fitted with box inserts and dividers.
  • Air-filled plastic wrap- This gets wrapped around antiques and secured with packing tape.
  • Packing peanuts- These are used to fill in gaps within boxes.

You can trust our reliable team members to always handle your items with the utmost care. Ask us about our antique moving packing methods, and we’ll be happy to describe them in detail. We always put our customers’ needs first.