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One of the benefits of hiring a moving company is not having to load and unload an entire house or apartment full of furniture and belongings. You may be thinking that everything goes on the truck and all you must do is drive your family to your new location.

The reality is that there are some things you will need or want to move yourself even if you are working with a moving company. Here are a few to consider:


  • Pets – The moving company won’t move your pets and you wouldn’t want them on the moving truck anyway.
  • Non-allowable Items – There are some things that your moving company won’t transport due to liability issues. Be sure to discuss these non-allowable items so you can make other arrangements, such as loading them into your vehicle, renting a small trailer, or shipping them to your new home. Potential items include aerosols and flammable items.
  • Highly personal items – You should plan to move your personal items, such as financial documents, medications, insurance policies, and passports.
  • Sentimental items – Think about things you’d be devasted if lost, such as an heirloom piece of jewelry or family photo album. Even the most professional movers can experience problems, so don’t take a chance with items that are irreplaceable.
  • Pack a suitcase – If you are moving locally, you should still have one or two outfits and your toiletries. For a long-distance move, consider having enough for a week beyond the travel days the moving company has given you. Delays can happen due to weather conditions or the truck breaking down. Besides, you won’t want to deal with laundry and finding your clothes while unpacking.
  • Entertainment – Consider things that will entertain your family during the trip to your new location as well as for a few days. This is important for children especially, but another tip is to have a source for music as that makes unpacking a bit more fun.

Here at Ashe Van Lines Moving & Storage, our goal is to do more than just move your stuff. We aim to build long-term relationships that turn our customers into friends. We will make sure moving isn’t the stressful experience it often is when you try to handle the move on your own or hire an inexperienced moving company. We are here with the advice you need to have a great moving experience. Call today to learn more!